Morpheus 8 – The Skin Tightening Machine

At our in-house spa, iGlo, the Morpheus 8 has been a complete crowd favorite.

This elevated technology is a blend of microneedling with radiofrequency that is proven to show many positive effects to our skin; one of the most popular being skin tighening.



Morpheus 8 for skin tightening

Treatment areas are commonly face, neck, abdomen, knees and arms.

With special hand pieces for both face and body, this machine will deliver its treatment in an effective and precise manner. This helps the treatment to be as comfortable and as quick as possible.

Typically, these sessions are purchased in packages, since you’ll need multiple sessions to achieve the end goal. The number of sessions depends on your treatment area and is also individually customized dependent on your specific needs.


Morpheus 8 for other treatments

Other ways Morpheus 8 can improve the appearance of your skin:

      1. Minimize fine lines/wrinkles from your face, neck, etc.
      2. Even skin tone by promoting cell turnover (aka new skin).
      3. Stimulate collagen production for healthier, glowing skin.
      4. Target scars and smoothen skin texture.
      5. Reduce the appearance of cellulite and/or stretch marks from your arms, booty or legs.

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